Monday, May 12, 2014

Telekung Travel Resellers

Salam all lovelies...!!

We are searching for RESELLERS n DROPSHIPPERS for our Travel Telekung!!

Please do email us @ for further details!!

The 5 new colours for the EZ Telekung Exclusives!

Announcing the 5 new colours for the EZ Telekung Exclusives!!

Ready now!! Check it out!!

Available @ our website,,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    A Yemen inspired telekung that comes in just one piece garment. For our sisters out there that are new with our EZ Telekung, let me tell u that this is the most upcoming and everlasting trend of telekung! Definitely a MUST HAVE in one's wardrobe! It's all ready-made, really fits you nicely. Without putting on the scarf, wear stockings or the sarung, you can just wear it once and you're ready to pray! You can bring it anywhere without a hush or rush!
    To make it more interesting, this Telekung have pockets in the middle of the chest. With a lil' hook-like attached at the end of each sleeves, as to hook on one of the fingers as to prevent sleeves from falling. And of course,with each length of 180cm long. Overall, its easy, very practical, really comfortable and you will not feel hot and messy in it. Also comes in many many colors! With the unusual price, IT'S WORTH IT !  (click to enlarge)

New material from Glazed Spun Polyester grade A!! Soft, light and cooling texture makes it all worth it!! Colors are all comes in Pastels! You'll sure don't wanna miss this..

Travel Telekung!!
A handy-dandy item one's must TRY!!
PERFECT for travelling! With the most affordable price, you'll sure don't wanna miss it!!

 Telekung Sulam, our newly added collection!Exclusive telekung with gold embroideries!
Perfect for gifts n such!!

Jubah for your lil' ones!! You'll sure don't wanna miss this as this is the cutest jubah for your boys! Comes in many many diffrent patterns n sizes! Grab them now while stocks LAST!

EZ Telekung Kids for age 4-7yrs!!!
Comes in Polka Dots, flowery pattern and plain colors.
Grab now for ur lil' girl

We also provide custom tailor product such as Uniform or any fabric related product.We would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to call us at 017-670-3400 oremail to: for any feedback or enquiries!